Definition: Reachback refers to the amount of time that may elapse between “shipment” of goods and services and the date EXIM receives an application (e.g., a request for a final commitment or medium-term insurance).


For MLT loan, guarantee, and insurance transactions, other than transactions supported via Credit Guarantee Facilities (CGFs) , shipments that occur on or after the date of the earliest binding (i.e., signed) commercial contract, pro forma invoice, supply contract, or purchase order (or other similar agreement between buyer and seller) are acceptable to EXIM to be eligible for cover.

OECD guidelines require, in article 13, repayment of an official export credit to start no more than six months after a specified date. This date is referred to as the “starting point of the credit,” or SPOC. The starting point is determined by the nature and timing of the transaction, not by the export credit agency. Hence, the SPOC rules may impact the term and amount of financing available for transactions with reachback.