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Customer Testimonials &
Success Stories

Hoffman International is a third-generation construction equipment company with deep ties to the New York metropolitan area. In 1920 Bill and Harry Hoffman purchased their first truck and founded Hoffman Motor...
andalou naturals
Founded by Stacey Egide in 2010, Andalou Naturals, a small business-exporter based in Novato, California, relies upon EXIM Bank to sell natural and organic products for skin, hair and body care abroad. The...



Reduce your risk and export fearlessly.   The Export - Import Bank (EXIM) of the United States supports American jobs by providing competitive and necessary export credit to support the sale of US goods to international buyers.  A robust program with EXIM can level the playing field for US exporters when competing against foreign companies.  EXIM's credit insurance protects an exporter's accounts receivable and offers significant benefits when entering new markets and charting a path forward.  This allows companies to increase global competitiveness by offering credit terms needed to win sales.

Support for elected officials and
Congressional Stakeholders

Our office supports and keeps elected officials and their staff informed on how we support American jobs by financing U.S. exports. We also respond to Congressional concerns, and help elected officials educate their constituents on EXIM financing tools through hosting local events.  Get Fact Sheets, Reports, and Contact our Office.

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EXIM Bank In Every State

EXIM Bank is active in every state in the U.S. This report provides details, statistics, and success stories that provide insight into how we’re helping exporters on a state level.
EXIM Bank in Every State