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Customer FAQs about working with EXIM

I own a small business. How do I know if my business qualifies for EXIM insurance and/or loan guarantee products?

The following are a few general guidelines for qualifying for EXIM support:

  • You must have been in business for at least three years.
  • Products/services must comply with EXIM's Content, Military, and EXIM Policies.
  • Products must be shipped from the United States.
  • Destination countries must be eligible for EXIM-supported transactions (refer to EXIM's Country Limitation Schedule).
  • You must be able to provide financial statements or tax returns for at least one year.

If your business and products meet the general guidelines, you are encouraged to contact a regional office for further counseling.

I own a small business. How do I start an application for export credit insurance?

Export-ready applicants are strongly encouraged to begin by seeking assistance from either an export finance manager at one of EXIM's field staff offices or an EXIM qualified insurance broker. Brokers provide a number of valuable services to existing and prospective customers, and they receive their compensation from commissions paid by EXIM—there is no charge to the policyholder. Application forms are located here.