What is the Privacy Act?

The Privacy Act of 1974 (5 U.S.C. ยง552a) (PA) establishes safeguards for the protection of records the government collects and maintains on U.S. citizens and lawfully admitted permanent residents. Specifically, it mandates that the government inform people at the time it is collecting information about them why the information is being collected and how it will be used; publish a notice in the Federal Register of new or revised systems of records on individuals; assure that information is accurate, relevant, complete and up-to-date before disclosing it to others; allow individuals to find out about disclosures of their records to other agencies or persons; and provide individuals with the opportunity to correct inaccuracies in their records. The PA allows individuals to seek access to records retrieved by their name and personal identifier that are contained in a PA system of records; provide written authorization for their representative to act on their behalf; and seek records on behalf of a minor child if they are the legal guardian or parent and are determined to be acting in the minor's best interest.

See Privacy Act Systems of Record

How to Make a Privacy Act Request

To make a PA request, send a signed letter and label the request itself and the envelope: "PRIVACY ACT REQUEST". Request may be submitted via:

  • Mail: Address to Submit FOIA Request: The Freedom of Information and Privacy Office, 811 Vermont Ave., N.W. Washington, D.C. 20571.
  • E-Mail to foia@exim.gov
  • Online form (go to form)

The request must include a return address that identifies your street name/number and must include the following:

  1. Verification of identity attesting that you are the record's subject (or his/her legal guardian) or a notarized consent form from the record's subject; and
  2. Clearly identifies the particular record(s). In identifying the record(s) at issue, please describe them in sufficient detail to enable EXIM Bank staff to conduct a search for the requested records with a reasonable amount of effort.


All requests must be accompanied by a completed Certification of Identity form.

You may email the completed Certification of Identity form to foia@exim.gov. The agency will send you confirmation of receipt.

Requesting Amendment of Records

The Privacy Act allows you to request an amendment for information contained about you that is erroneous in EXIM Privacy Act Systems of Record. This, however, only pertains to factual matters and not matters of opinion.

See Privacy Act Systems of Record.

How to Request an Amendment

To make an amendment request, submit the request in writing, label the request itself and the envelope: "PRIVACY ACT REQUEST" and submit to the address listed above or email to foia@exim.gov.

The request must have a return address that identifies your street name/number and must include the following:

  1. Description of the information to be amended.
  2. Reason for amendment
  3. The type of amendment sought.
  4. Copies of available evidence supporting the request, as the burden of proof rest with you.

Any request must be accompanied by a completed Certification of Identity form.

The PA systems manager will normally acknowledge receipt of your request within 10 working days and provide a determination within 30 working days.

If your request for amendment is denied in whole or in part, you will be promptly notified in writing and given the opportunity to appeal the determination and/or submit a statement of disagreement that will be maintained in/with the file in question.

Privacy Contacts

Senior Agency Official for Privacy (SAOP)Howard Spirafismasaop@exim.gov
FOIA Service CenterLennell Jacksonfoia@exim.gov