EXIM equips American exporters with the financing tools necessary to compete for global sales. Whether you need protection from commercial or political risks, access to cash flow, or help with credit terms, we have you covered.

Nonpayment Protection for U.S. Exporters - Export Credit Insurance

Are you interested in exporting, but worry about buyers not paying on time, or at all? Maybe you're concerned about winning sales, or the political risks involved with certain countries?

If so, Export Credit Insurance can help. By far, EXIM's Export Credit Insurance is the most versatile and popular product we offer.

Safeguard Against Risk

EXIM is proud to support exporters to win more sales and grow their business overseas. Our Export Credit Insurance allows exporters to safeguard their foreign receivables, transferring the risk of nonpayment by overseas customers to EXIM.

Increase Your Sales

The benefits of Export Credit Insurance can be significant. Learn about how the protection of a policy gives businesses the confidence necessary to enter new markets and chart a path forward with margins they can depend on. Download a FREE guide.

The Cash Flow You Need to Grow Your Business - Working Capital Loan Guarantee

Does your export business have the opportunity for growth, but lacks the funds needed to fulfill large orders? If so, a Working Capital Loan Guarantee could be the key to increasing your borrowing base with your current lender.

Unlocking Cash Flow

EXIM can empower exporters to unlock their cash flow by working with their lender to sell their products and services overseas. By insuring your foreign accounts receivable, you can borrow more with the same collateral.

Increasing Global Competitiveness

With EXIM support, exporters can borrow more with the same collateral, securing the performance and bid bonds necessary to win projects.

The nuts and bolts are simpler than you might think. Download a FREE guide.