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Ex-Im Bank's Letter of Interest (LI) is a pre-export tool to help you get your financing off to a quick start. The LI is an indication of Ex-Im Bank's willingness to consider financing for a given export transaction.

Apply for an LI during the bidding or negotiating stage of an export sale when the following conditions exist:

  • You need an indication from Ex-Im Bank on the general eligibility of the transaction participants and the goods and services to be exported.
  • The repayment terms and other program guidelines in the LI provide you with specific enough guidance for your transaction.

An LI is generally issued within ten business days of Ex-Im Bank's receipt of an LI application. The terms and conditions in the LI are valid for six months. At the request of the applicant, an LI can be renewed at six-month intervals, for up to two years; however, its terms are subject to change. Please note that an LI is not a commitment to finance a transaction or project. Ex-Im Bank may request additional information in connection with an LI application. Issuance of a Letter of Interest is at the sole discretion of Ex-Im Bank.

Review of an LI application includes comparing transaction information to Ex-Im Bank's cover policy and identifying any potential issues that may need to be analyzed in more detail, should a formal application be submitted.

LIs are not available for credit guarantee facilities and may be restricted for the export of items to be used for nuclear power plants, nuclear fuel, nuclear research reactors, nuclear handling, treatment, transportation and storage of spent fuel or radioactive waste or related facilities. They may also be restricted in other circumstances, including, but not limited to, country conditions, economic impact and excessive transaction or exposure amounts.

LIs are available for large aircraft transactions, on a case-by-case basis. Contact the Transportation Division for information concerning financing of large aircraft and ancillary equipment: 202-565-3550.