Please note that the Bank's applications, as well as some other documents, contain certifications that relate to certain Bank Policies, such as the Bank's "Foreign Corrupt Practices and Other Anti-bribery Measures", "Know Your Customer and Due Diligence Standards", and the "Fraud and Corruption Prevention, Detection and Prosecution Policy". Other laws and regulations are also referenced in the certifications. The Bank's Policies can be found on the Bank's website here:

Form Name Form Number Form Product Form Type
Acquisition List EBD M-59 Guarantee, Loan Form
Affiliate Guarantee Authorization Agreement EBD W-16j Working Capital Form
Ancillary Services Fee Policy EBD M-13 Guarantee, Loan Guidance
Annex A: Loan Authorization Agreement EBD W-16b Working Capital Example
Annex B: Authorized Officer Designation Notice EBD W-16i Form
Annex B: Community Authorized Officer Designation Notice EBD W-16m Working Capital Form
Anti-Lobbying Certificate required from Borrowers, Exporters, Ancillary Service Providers and Local Cost Providers for Direct Loans no number Loan Certification
Anti-Lobbying Certificate required from Loan Applicants, Guaranteed Lenders, Guaranteed Facility Agents and any other Recipients of the Credit for Guaranteed Loans and Loan Insurance no number Guarantee, Insurance, Loan Certification
Application for Approved Finance Provider EIB 10-06 Guarantee, Insurance Application
Application for Long-Term Loan or Guarantee Prepare and file this application ONLINE! at ELMS EIB 95-10 Guarantee, Loan Application
Application for Short Term Multi-Buyer Insurance Prepare and file this application ONLINE! at EXIM Online EIB 92-50 Insurance Application
Assignment by Insured to Financial Institution of a Medium-Term Policy EIB 94-08 Insurance Form
Assignment for Working Capital Guarantee Claim (Lender Version) EIB 24-02 Working Capital Form
Assignment Form - Short Term Multi-Buyer Insurance Policy EIB 92-31 Insurance Form
Assignment Form - Short Term Single Buyer Insurance Policy EIB 92-32 Insurance Form
Attachment A: Large Aircraft Transactions EIB 95-10a Guarantee, Loan Application
Attachment B: Environmental Screening Document EIB 95-10b Guarantee, Loan Application
Attachment C: Tied Aid Capital Projects Fund EIB 95-10c Guarantee, Loan Application
Attachment D: Anti-lobbying Declaration/Disclosure EIB 95-10d Guarantee, Loan Application
Attachment F: Project and Structured Finance EIB 95-10f Guarantee, Loan Application