We strongly encourage the use of specialist insurance brokers by exporters and lenders who are interested in export credit insurance.  Brokers provide a number of valuable services to existing and prospective policyholders, and they receive their compensation from commissions paid by EXIM Bank — there is no charge to the policyholder.

EXIM Bank works with a number of lenders across the country that are very familiar with our processes, and can assist you in securing EXIM-backed financing for you export needs.

City-State Partners
The City/State Partners Program brings state, county, and local non-profit economic development entities together with EXIM Bank in a partnership designed to expand export opportunities.

If you have the local market knowledge and the ability to reach it, EXIM Bank offers trade finance expertise and programs specifically tailored to support U.S.-based exporters. By cooperating and pooling strengths, we can accomplish together what neither could do alone.

EXIM Regional Offices
Looking for another way to apply? We highly recommend contacting one of our experts at a Regional Export Finance Center. Check the list to the right for an office in your area.