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The application process for some of our products can be complicated and difficult for those not already familiar with it. We highly recommend contacting a broker or EXIM field office for assistance. Find a list of our most commonly used applications below.

If you would like to learn about options for support with our application process, please go to:


Some important things to know before applying for EXIM products

These documents are the starting point for applying for our most popular products, however, there is a wide range of supporting documentation and reference material that can be necessary for completing an application, which can be found in our:


Please note that EXIM’s applications, as well as some other documents, contain certifications that relate to certain EXIM Policies, such as EXIM’s “Foreign Corrupt Practices and Other Anti-bribery Measures”, “Know Your Customer and Due Diligence Standards”, and the “Fraud and Corruption Prevention, Detection and Prosecution Policy”. Other laws and regulations are also referenced in the certifications. EXIM’s Policies can be found on the EXIM website here:


Short Term Insurance Applications for Exporters
Multi-Buyer/Multi-Buyer Select Risk EIB92-50 Insurance eib92-50.pdf
Single Buyer EIB92-64 Insurance eib92-64.pdf
Express EIB10-02 Insurance eib10_02.pdf
Short Term Insurance Applications for Banks
Export Letter of Credit Insurance EIB92-34 Insurance eib92-34.pdf
Financial Institution Buyer Credit Insurance EIB92-41 Insurance eib92-41.pdf
Export Working Capital Loan Guarantee (EXIM/SBA) EIBSBA 84-1 Working Capital eib84-01.pdf
Medium/Long Term Applications
Medium-Term Insurance or Guarantee EIB03-02 Guarantee/ Insurance eib03-02.pdf
Long-Term Loan or Guarantee EIB95-10 Guarantee, Loan eib95-10.pdf
Letter of Interest EIB95-9 Loan/ Guarantee 95-9-li.pdf