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EXIM offers a diverse set of tools that can streamline the exporting process and expedite sales. Below is material specific to buyers, lenders, and brokers that addresses their individual needs.

Get Help Applying

EXIM Regional Offices

Looking for another way to apply? We highly recommend contacting one of our experts at a Regional Export Finance Center.

Broker and Lender Support

We strongly encourage the use of specialist insurance brokers by exporters and lenders who are interested in export credit insurance. Brokers provide a number of valuable services to existing and prospective policyholders, and they receive their compensation from commissions paid by EXIM Bank. There is no charge to the policyholder.

Regional Export Promotion Program (REPP)

REPP brings state, county, and local non-profit economic development entities together with EXIM Bank in a partnership designed to expand export opportunities.

If you have the local market knowledge and the ability to reach it, EXIM Bank offers trade finance expertise and programs specifically tailored to support U.S.-based exporters. By cooperating and pooling strengths, we can accomplish together what neither could do alone.

EXIM Online (EOL) User Guides

John Kennedy

"…the Export-Import Bank has created a wholly new program of export financing which now provides U.S. business with credit facilities equal to any in the world."

President John F. Kennedy, July 18, 1963


Events You Should Attend   

Attending an in-person or remote trade finance event is one of the best ways that small business entrepreneurs, larger exporters, and foreign importers of U.S. goods and services can learn more about how to make exporting simpler, safer, and more effective.  

Anchorage, AK

Worldly Ideas

The Vitalize Alaska Business Conference features recognized and award-winning speakers, including the founders of California’s Barefoot Winery, one of the top selling wines in the U.S., and Amy Cortese, award-winning journalist and author of Locavesting.

Local Knowledge

Speaker panels will tap some of Alaska’s top businesses including GCI, Northrim Bank, and Alaska Airlines, as we leverage local knowledge
and expertise to develop ways to create a thriving small business sector in Alaska’s new economy.

John Brislin from EXIM Bank will be speaking on an Exporting Alaska Panel – at Breakout Session 1 – Option D – From 10:00 a.m. – To 11:15 a.m.

Your Computer

This webinar is designed to provide small business exporters with a better understanding of the trade finance tools available to compete in the global marketplace and to increase sales.  It will also provide an opportunity for small business exporters to learn the benefits of these financing programs as well as reducing the overall risk of exporting.