Limited Recourse Project Finance Advisory Services

Financial, insurance, and market advisors interested in advising EXIM Bank should submit their firm's curriculum vitae to the Bank's Structured and Project Finance Division for consideration for future projects. The curriculum vitae should provide information that details the firm's experience in international limited recourse project finance on a country and sector specific basis. EXIM Bank is seeking advisory firms with significant experience in structuring, negotiating and closing limited recourse project finance transactions in the emerging markets where EXIM Bank support is required.

Firms will be contacted on a case by case basis. Firms with appropriate expertise will be asked to submit conflict of interest information on the specific transaction. If a conflict does not exist, a work proposal will be requested. The work proposal must contain a transaction specific scope of work, identify the individuals of the advisor's team and cost. A firm will be selected based upon the Bank's assessment of the firm's ability to meet the Bank's needs. Fee arrangements will be between the project applicant or sponsor and the advisory firm but the advisors work will be for the sole benefit of the EXIM Bank. Guidelines should be requested from the Structured and Project Finance Division. Firm information will be accepted on a rolling basis with no deadline for submission or consideration.

For additional information, please contact the Project and Structured Finance Division at 202-565-3690.