EXIM announces public request for applications to support U.S. clean tech exports

Today the Export-Import Bank of the United States is announcing a request for applications from U.S. exporters, lenders, and foreign buyers in the clean and renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy storage industries in support of its statutory mandate to promote and increase its support for these types of U.S. exports.

EXIM seeks to call the attention of its existing and potential customers, including U.S. exporters, guaranteed lenders, and foreign buyers, and request they submit applications for transactions that further EXIM’s and the U.S. Government’s efforts to:

  • combat climate change and enhance energy security while supporting U.S.-made technology through the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment,
  • increase support for climate change adaptation through PREPARE, and
  • implement President Biden’s commitment announced at the 2021 UN General Assembly and reiterated at COP27, to increase U.S. international climate finance to over $11 billion per year.

EXIM is one of the implementation arms of the U.S. Government and seeks to support U.S. clean tech exporters and workers as they turn overseas sales opportunities into tangible projects, in line with and the theme of “Implementation Plus” at COP27. EXIM has three primary programs it can use to help support the sale of clean tech U.S. exports. These programs offer the maximum flexibilities for environmentally beneficial, renewable energy, energy storage, and energy efficiency exports (including electric vehicles):

The entire Biden-Harris Administration, including EXIM, shares the goal of addressing climate change and together we are focused on doing so in ways that support U.S. jobs and abide by EXIM's charter. EXIM is committed to investing in the energy solutions of the future and ensuring that cleaner, renewable energy and the products and innovations that drive it are American made.

In EXIM’s 2019 reauthorization, Congress expanded EXIM’s decades-long statutory mandate to promote and support U.S. renewable energy exports, to also include energy efficiency and energy storage exports (including electric vehicles). Simultaneously, Congress created the China and Transformational Exports Program, and named these same areas as transformational export areas on which EXIM should focus.

Applications will be reviewed on a regular basis and there is no deadline for submission. Every application must meet EXIM’s credit underwriting standards, environmental and social due diligence guidelines, and other requirements.