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Jeffrey Gerrish
Chairman and President
Export-Import Bank of the United States

Vice Chairman and First Vice President
Export-Import Bank of the United States

Office of the Chairman

Jeffrey Goettman
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Nicole M. Valtos
Vice President and Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Margaux Matter
Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff

Deputy Chief of Staff

Office of the Chief Financial Officer

Inci Tonguch-Murray
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

David Baughan
Vice President (Acting)

Nathalie Herman
Vice President, Treasurer

Walter F Keating
Vice President, Asset Management

Patricia Wolf
Vice President, Controller

Office of Communications and Marketing

Jennifer Hazelton
Senior Vice President

Office of External Engagement

Niki Shepperd
Senior Vice President (acting)

Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs

Natalie N. McGarry
Senior Vice President

Kevin Warnke
Vice President, Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs

Office of Ethics

Lisa V. Terry
Senior Vice President and Chief Ethics Officer

Office of Board Authorized Finance

David M. Sena
Senior Vice President

Vice President, Structured and Project Finance

Annette B. Maresh
Vice President, Trade Finance Insurance

Office of the General Counsel

Kevin L. Turner 
Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Douglas Ochs Adler
Deputy General Counsel

Office of Information Management and Technology

Howard Spira
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Office of Strategy and Performance

Michele A. Kuester
Senior Vice President

Rochele Barham
Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

Office of Policy Analysis and International Relations

James C. Cruse
Senior Vice President

Isabel Galdiz
Vice President, International Relations

Helene Walsh
Vice President, Policy Analysis

Office of Resource Management

Senior Vice President

Maria A. Fleetwood
Vice President, Acquisition and Business Services

George Garcia
Vice President and Chief Human Capital Officer, Human Capital

Office of Risk Management

Kenneth M. Tinsley
Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Officer

Walter B. Hill
Vice President, Credit Review and Compliance

William Marsteller
Vice President, Country Risk and Economic Analysis

Office of Small Business

James G. Burrows
Senior Vice President

Sean Luke
Vice President, Sales