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The Disbursement Calculator assists EXIM Bank program users in determining the revised Disbursement Percentage to be reported in the amended Exporter's Certificate when a material change occurs (e.g., a substitution of foreign-sourced goods for U.S. goods) in the percentage of U.S. content in an EXIM Bank medium-or long-term Credit/Guarantee/Insurance transaction. The revised Disbursement Percentage is used to calculate the amount of disbursements going forward under the transaction to avoid financing foreign content when a material change occurs.

Below are step-by-step instructions for filling out the Disbursement Calculator.

Figures from the Exporter's Certificate Currently in Force

  • Use the Net Contract Price as provided in the Exporter's Certificate (Section 1E on the Exporter's Certificate).
  • Use the Foreign Content amount as provided in the Exporter's Certificate (Section 1F on the Exporter's Certificate).
  • Use the Disbursement Percentage as provided in the Exporter's Certificate (Section 1I on the Exporter's Certificate).

Note: The Exporter's Certificate currently in force can be either the initial Exporter's Certificate or the most recently amended Exporter's Certificate.

Gross Amount Drawn Against the Net Contract Price

  • For this figure, use the gross amount already drawn against the Net Contract Price to date under the Credit/Guarantee/Insurance transaction. (If necessary, please contact the lender for this information.)

Note: This figure excludes amounts paid for Excluded Goods and Services (Section 1B on the Exporter's Certificate) and any amounts paid for local costs (Section 1D on the Exporter's Certificate.)

Revised Figures from the Amended Exporter's Certificate

  • If the Net Contract Price has increased from the Exporter's Certificate currently in force, please contact EXIM Bank directly.
  • If the Net Contract Price has remained the same as the Exporter's Certificate currently in force (Section 1E on the Exporter's Certificate), use the same figure.
  • If the Net Contract Price has decreased, please use the revised figure (Section 1E on the amended Exporter's Certificate).
  • Use the revised Foreign Content amount (Section 1F on the amended Exporter's Certificate) to reflect the most recent changes in content.

Remaining (Revised) Disbursement Percentage

  • This revised Disbursement Percentage is generated by the calculator and represents the percentage of coverage available on any remaining EXIM Bank supported disbursements.
  • Please (i) insert the revised Disbursement Percentage figure in Section (1) I on the amended Exporter's Certificate and (ii) attach a print out of the calculator page to the amended Exporter's Certificate.

If you require any assistance, please contact Credit Administration at

1 A material change occurs when the (a) U.S. Content Percentage has decreased by more than 5% (as compared to the U.S. Content Percentage reported in the initial Exporter's Certificate) and (b) aggregate foreign content is over 20% (i.e., the new U.S. Content Percentage is less than 80%).