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EXIM provides U.S. businesses with solutions to extend credit terms to foreign buyers.  Our Export Credit Insurance allows businesses to extend "open account" credit terms to foreign buyers is Export Credit Insurance.

What is Export Credit Insurance?

Export Credit Insurance is just what it sounds like: an insurance policy that protects your business’ accounts receivable against both commercial and political risks that are beyond your control.  It’s a policy that pays you even when your customers don’t. By guarding against a multitude of risks, Export Credit Insurance gives you the confidence you need to enter new markets, take on new customers, and expand sales to existing ones.

How can Export Credit Insurance help a business sell on credit terms?

Businesses that insure their accounts receivable ensure that, should a foreign buyer not pay, they will be reimbursed 85 to 95% of their sales invoice amount. Additionally, with Export Credit Insurance, your business can confidently expand into new markets without fear of foreign buyer nonpayment.  Meanwhile, with your accounts receivable insured, your business can leverage additional benefits of Export Credit Insurance, including possibly offering more flexible credit terms or accessing unrealized working capital from lenders. With working capital and insured foreign receivables, your business can access a more consistent cash flow, allowing you to focus on what matters most: producing quality goods and services and pursuing new sales.

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