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The documents linked below are environmental assessments or supplemental environmental reports (such as a remediation or mitigation plans or procedures, or related monitoring reports) (“Assessments/Reports”) that has been produced by a third-party and required to be submitted to the Export-Import Bank of the United States in conjunction with the referenced EXIM Bank transaction number . They are being provided here in furtherance of Section 11(a)(1) of the Export Import Bank Act of 1945, as amended (12 U.S.C. 635i-5).

Please note that Assessments/Reports are as of the date noted. The Bank makes no representation that they (i) are the most recent versions of the documents, (ii) are fully accurate and/or complete, or (iii) include full descriptions of appropriate action taken by responsible parties in response to information about environmental or social issues, if any, raised therein.

Requests for additional (including, in some cases, more current) environmental or supplemental environmental Assessments/Reports regarding this project may be made using EXIM Bank’s online “Environmental and Social Project Information and Concerns” form at //exim.gov/envsoc.

Document title Document type Description size Date pages
KESIA For Public Disclosure AP089392XX RDMP Indonesia pdf ESIA 2017 2.6 MB 2017 NA
Laporan ESIA Pertamina_Bahasa Inggris pdf Health, Safety & Environment Plan 2019 119.3 MB 2019 NA