EXIM conducted a detailed economic impact analysis on transaction case numbers 748722, 750126, and 750289, all related to the production of aluminum beverage cans in Brazil. EXIM conducted this analysis after establishing that new foreign production capacity of aluminum beverage cans would be greater than 1 percent of U.S. production of the same, similar, or competing good. EXIM’s analysis determined that aluminum beverage cans are not currently in oversupply, and supply is not likely to exceed demand for the three years following the foreign buyer beginning production. Additionally, EXIM conducted an analysis of where the new foreign production may compete with U.S. sales. There could be such competition in Brazil. Overall EXIM estimates $63,240 of exports would potentially be displaced, in present dollars, by the new foreign production over the 5 years of EXIM’s financing. EXIM estimated follow on-sales of U.S. exports derived from this transaction to be $3.7 million. In netting the U.S. supported exports of $45.7 million and follow-on sales of $3.7 million with the displaced future exports of $63,240, EXIM estimates that the net benefit to the U.S. economy will be $49.4 million.