EXIM conducted a detailed economic impact analysis on transaction case number AP089392XX related to the production of refined oil and gas products in Indonesia. EXIM conducted this analysis after establishing that new foreign production capacity of gasoline and propylene would be greater than 1 percent of U.S. production of the same, similar, or competing good. EXIM’s analysis determined that neither gasoline or propylene are not currently in global oversupply, and supply is not likely to exceed demand for the three years following the foreign buyer beginning production. Additionally, EXIM conducted an analysis of where the new foreign production may compete with U.S. sales. All foreign production is expected to be sold in Indonesia, and the United States does not regularly export gasoline or propylene to Indonesia. Given the lack of overlap, there is no scope for potential displaced U.S. sales. Therefore, EXIM estimates that the net benefit to the U.S. economy will be $64.02 million, the value of the supported exports.