Meghan Pasricha

Managing Director | Riverstone Holdings, LLC

Portrait of Meghan Pasricha

Meghan Pasricha is a Managing Director at an energy private equity and credit firm, where she is building a decarbonization credit investment platform. Meghan led the firm’s first green loan exit to a solar company. She sources and structures green loans and sustainability-linked loans. Meghan also serves on the firm’s ESG Council and as President of a water solutions provider.

Meghan is passionate about investing in climate solutions and accelerating energy transition projects. To educate, empower, and support women in clean energy and infrastructure, she launched the Women in Climate Investing & Finance network with more than 700 members. As Co-Founder, she organizes networking events to support and empower women in clean energy and finance.

Meghan graduated from Harvard College and earned her MBA from Harvard Business School. Meghan is the Co-Founder and CEO/President of a nonprofit, Global Youth H.E.L.P., and has trained more than 20,000 youth leaders in the U.S. and abroad. She mobilized youth support for the successful passage of the Clean Indoor Air Act, which made Delaware the second smoke-free state. She has been featured in Glamour and Teen People Magazines, CNN, and Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls. She has also been honored with the Harvard Business School’s Women’s Association Rising Star Award, World of Children Hero Award, the EPA Children’s Environmental Award, and inducted into the national Caring Institute Hall of Fame. Meghan is passionate about mentoring and empowering women and youth leaders to make a significant, positive impact on their environments and communities.