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Host an Event

EXIM offers a variety of events and programming opportunities to help community leaders reach their exporter community. Conducting an event in your area helps to better inform the businesses in your community on how they can increase export sales by using a variety of government products and resources, and allows you to see firsthand how EXIM customers have grown and benefited  from EXIM. These experiences are ultimately intended to maintain and create jobs in your locality.

Global Access Forum

EXIM’s leadership and staff engage small businesses across the country in town hall-style discussions known as Global Access Forums - a chance for small companies to gain insight on finding new buyers, protecting against nonpayment, and accessing working capital. These nationwide forums are often held in collaboration with members of Congress, trade-related federal agencies,  local officials, and others involved with supporting small business exporters.


EXIM can arrange for a smaller, more interactive event with select businesses in your community to discuss exporting opportunities, economic development, and their specific exporting needs. Roundtables are a great opportunity to hear from your local exporters on how they are, or might be able to, work with EXIM.

Business Visit

EXIM can arrange a visit to a local business which exports their goods and services with EXIM financing. Business visits are an opportunity to see firsthand how EXIM has benefited your constituents and to learn how increasing exports boosts sales and creates and sustains U.S. jobs.

We’re interested! What is the next step?
Call EXIM Bank’s Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs.


Contact the Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs

For general inquiries call 202-565-3230, or email OCIA@exim.gov.


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