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If you have any questions or encounter any problems please contact the EXIM Online Support staff by sending an e-mail to bapimt@exim.gov.

The following documents are designed to assist you in filing a claim with EXIM Bank. Whether you chose to file a claim electronically or by paper, please check to make sure the filing includes all required information so that our claim processing professionals can provide you with the level of customer service that you expect and deserve.

As soon as your electronic claim is filed, please send us the supporting documentation immediately.

The claim-filing deadline is based on the date that EXIM Bank receives the claim.We recommend, though it is not required, that an overnight delivery service be used for paper filings if you are near the deadline.

All claim information should be sent to:

Export-Import Bank of the United States
Asset Management Division
Attention: Claims
811 Vermont Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20571


File a Claim Online

File#File Name
File FormatFile Size
  Electronic Claim Filing System    
  Certification for Claims PDF 27 Kb
  Release And Assignment For Claims PDF 100 Kb
  Pre Claim Debt Rescheduling under $15 Million PDF 37 Kb
  Post Operative Amendments under $15 Million PDF 41 Kb
EIB10-03 Notice of Claim & Proof of Loss for Export Credit Insurance Policy PDF 1.16Mb
EIB92-27 Report of Overdue Accounts under Short-Term Policies PDF 410 Kb
EIB09-01 Default Payment Report PDF 263 Kb
EIB 10-04 Claim Filing Form – Working Capital Guarantee PDF 2 MB
EIB 10-05 Claim Filing Form –Medium Term Guarantees PDF 2 MB

For more information, please contact the Claims Processing Group at Claims@exim.gov.