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Environmental and Social Project Information and Concerns provides a process for customers, organizations, and individuals to request or submit information regarding a specific project, and provides feedback on environmental and social issues. It establishes a formal timeline for response, allowing EXIM staff to promptly receive inquiries and engage in appropriate follow-up action. 

Environmental and Social Project Information and Concerns is the appropriate process for making project-specific concerns, project information requests, or the submission of any information about a particular project. For general inquiries about EXIM Environmental and Social Due Diligence Procedures and Guidelines, please contact the Engineering & Environment (E&E) Division’s Office (+1 202.565.3570). You can submit information through the online form below, in English, here. For an unofficial translation of this page using an external translator, please select a language in the box above.

For more details on our process and confidentiality, please see the information below the form.