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In order to foster transparency and elicit useful information concerning the environmental and social impacts of projects, EXIM makes available certain environmental and social information provided by the borrower on projects that have been approved for financing. Projects classified by EXIM as Environmental Category A require a formal Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA). The following is a list of EXIM approved Environmental Category A transactions since 2007.

Interested parties may request a copy of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) (or other publicly disclosable supplemental environmental documents) for a transaction, or provide pertinent information to EXIM on environmental and social issues related to a project, through the Bank's Environmental and Social Project Information and Concerns page. In addition, EXIM maintains a Public Registry of received complaints and concerns.

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Authorization Date

Environmental & Social Documents

2018 (no category A projects approved)
2017 (no category A projects approved)
2016 (no category A projects approved)
2015 (no category A projects approved)
2014 (no category A projects approved)
Roy Hill Iron Ore Mine, Rail Line and Port Facilities Pilbara, Western Australia AP086750xx 12/19/2013 1, 4, 5
access Project E&S information here
Saudi Aramco Cogeneration (Power & Heat) Project Ras Tanura, Abqaiq & Hawiyah, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia AP087461xx 12/12/2013 1, 5
view ESIA
SOCAR and TURCAS Aegean Refinery Aliaga near Izmir on the Aegean Sea, Turkey AP086942xx 9/27/2013 1, 5
view ESIA
Oyu Tolgoi Copper-Gold Mine Khanbogd District, Omnogovi Province, Mongolia AP086115xx 5/16/2013 1, 5
access Project E&S information here
EMAL Phase II Aluminum Smelter Abu Dhabi, UAE AP085996xx 4/15/2013 2, 5
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Reliance Industries Ltd. Petrochemical Complex Jamnagar, Gujarat, India AP086383xx 11/12/2012 2
view ESIA
Sadara Petrochemical Project Al Jubail City, Saudi Arabia AP085466xx 9/27/2012 2
access Project E&S information here
Australia Pacific LNG Project Central Queensland and Curtis Island near Gladstone, Queensland, Australia AP085675xx 5/3/2012 1,4,5
access Project E&S information here
Habas 800MW Combined Cycle Power Plant Aliaga, Izmir, Turkey AP086253xx 1/19/2012 2,5
access Project E&S information here
Qurayyah IPP-1 4000MW Gas Fired Combined Cycle Power Plant Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia AP085953xx 1/5/2012 2,5
access Project E&S information here
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Samalkot 2460MW Gas Fired Thermal Power Plant Godavari District, Andhara Pradesh, India AP085664xx 9/15/2011 2
Kusile 4,800 MW Coal Fired Power Plant Mpumalanga Province, South Africa AP085292xx 5/26/2011 2
access Project E&S information here
Reficar Oil Refinery Cartagena, Colombia AP083939xx 5/18/2011 2
view ESIA
Crude Petroleum Production & Upgrade to Barrancabermeja Refinery East Central & Northeast Colombia AP084891xx 2/3/2011 2
Nuevo Pemex 300 MW Gas Fired Co-Generation Power Plant Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico AP085462xx 2/3/2011 2
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Sasan Coal Mine and 3,960 MW Power Plant Sasan, Madhya Pradesh, India AP085392xx 10/21/2010 2,5
view ESIA
Autopista del Coral 70km Highway w/Toll Collection Facilities La Romana to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic AP084374xx 10/13/2010 2
Strategic Gas Development Program Onshore/Offshore, Southeast Mexico AP085221xx 9/29/2010 2
El Boleo Copper-Cobalt-Zinc Mine Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico AP084609xx 7/29/2010 2
POSCO Power - Incheon Units #5 & #6 1,252MW CC Power Plant Incheon, Korea AP084239xx 7/26/2010 2
Dhuruma (PP11) 1729 MW Power Project Dhuruma, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia AP084344XX 7/8/2010 2
view ESIA
Emirates Aluminum Smelter with a 1,950MW Gas Fired Power Plant Abu Dhabi, UAE AP084044xx 6/10/2010 2
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PNG Liquefied Natural Gas Project Southern Highlands and Gulf Provinces, Gulf of Papua, and National Capital District, Papua New Guinea AP084099XX 12/3/2009 1,4
access Project E&S Information here
Strategic Gas Development Program (PEG) Onshore/Offshore Northeast and Southeast Mexico AP086094xx 9/30/2009 2
Faras 500 MW Simple Cycle Power Plant Extension Al-Hofuf, Saudi Arabia AP083340XA 5/15/2009 2
PP8-Riyadh 492 MW Simple Cycle Power Plant Extension Riyadh, Saudi Arabia AP083340XB 5/15/2009 2
Al Qurayyah 1890 MW Simple Cycle Power Plant Al Qurayyah, Saudi Arabia AP083340XC 5/15/2009 2
Strategic Gas Program for Oil & Gas Field Development & Production Onshore/Offshore Eastern Coast of Mexico AP084135xx 4/30/2009 2,
Cengiz 240MW Combined Cycle Power Plant Samsun City, Tekkekoy district Selyeri Region, Turkey AP084036XX 4/9/2009 2, 5
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SHEP IV Rural Electrification Project Ashanti, Western and Central Regions, Ghana AP081922XX 8/28/2008 2
Krishna Godvari Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Krishna Godavari Basin, Bay of Bengal, India AP083787XX 8/28/2008 2
Aksa Enerji Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant Near Anatalya, Turkey AP083541XX 3/13/2008 2
BOST Petroleum Pipeline and Tank Farm Tema and Akosombo, Ghana AP082075XX 5/31/2007 2, 5
Jamnagar Refinery Project Jamnagar, Gujarat, India AP082263XX 5/16/2007 2, 5
NCP Petrochemical Complex Project Jubail, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia AP082625XX 9/12/2007 2, 5
Kerawlapitiya Oil/Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant Kerawalapitiya, Western Province, Sri Lanka AP083216XX 7/27/2007 2

NOTE 1: ESIA available via link (links currently being curated. Updated 10/12/2016)
NOTE 2: ESIA may be available, please submit request through Environmental and Social Project Information Requests and Concerns
NOTE 3: ESIA no longer publicly available or archived.
NOTE 4: Other report(s) available via link
NOTE 5: Other report(s) may be available, please submit request through Environmental and Social Project Information and Concerns
NOTE6a:The Independent Advisory Panel on Development in South Central Peru website can be found at: http://www.southperupanel.org/html-us/quienes-somos.php (link is external).
NOTE6b:The Independent Advisory Panel on Development in South Central Peru's reports can be downloaded at:http://www.southperupanel.org/html-us/descargas.php (link is external)

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