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Chairman Reed Addresses Toronto Global Forum on EXIM’s Role in Supporting the Future of Infrastructure Development


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Kristin Rudman (202) 565-3201

Toronto – Kimberly A. Reed, president and chairman of the Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM), addressed an international audience in Toronto today about the global competitive environment faced by American businesses who export “Made in the USA” goods and services and how EXIM can support infrastructure projects around the world.

Chairman Reed spoke at the International Economic Forum of the America’s Toronto Global Forum, an annual event attended by heads of state, elected officials, global economic decision-makers, and business leaders. The three-day forum, focused on the theme of “Leading the New Economy,” brought together 3,300 delegates representing more than 65 countries to discuss major issues facing economies around the world.

Chairman Reed, who was introduced by Geoffrey A. Wilson, president and chief executive officer of PortsToronto, highlighted how EXIM’s support has paved the way for infrastructure projects such as roads and bridges, water treatment projects, and hospital facilities that have improved the quality of life for people around the globe. She also spoke on the connection between economic security and national security, global competitiveness, and China. 

“It was an honor to have addressed the Toronto Global Forum today, and to have discussed the importance of the Export-Import Bank of the United States’ impact on various industries and the global marketplace,” said EXIM President and Chairman Kimberly A. Reed. “EXIM is more critical than ever to businesses as the agency helps create American jobs, boosts the economy of the United States, and assists companies as they compete for and win deals around the world.”

Reed added, “With more than 100 other export credit agencies around the world trying to win jobs for their own countries, EXIM is firmly committed to providing a level playing field for the United States in a fiercely competitive global trade environment in which governments play a growing role in advancing their countries’ exports and expanding the domestic employment that exports entail. ‘Made in America’ is still the best brand in the world, and EXIM ensures that U.S. companies never lose out on a sale because of attractive financing from competing foreign governments.”

Reed’s full written remarks can be found on EXIM’s website.

Reed also had side meetings with her Canadian counterpart, Mairead Lavery, President and CEO of Export Development Canada, and Dominic Barton, the just-appointed Canadian Ambassador to China.  

Reed stated, “Canada and Mexico are the United States’ two top trading export markets, among other great countries that may be present at this forum. I look forward to continuing the dialogue with Export Development Canada CEO Mairead Lavery at the 2020 G12 Heads of Export Credit Agencies meeting that EXIM will be hosting in Washington next spring.”

EXIM provides a portfolio of solutions for U.S. businesses, including export credit insurance to minimize nonpayment risk and improve cash flow, working capital guarantees to provide credit lines for producing goods and services, and term financing to support international buyers in purchasing American capital goods and services.


EXIM is an independent federal agency that promotes and supports American jobs by providing competitive and necessary export credit to overseas purchasers of U.S. goods and services. A robust EXIM can level the global playing field for U.S. exporters when they compete against foreign companies that receive support from their governments. EXIM also contributes to U.S. economic growth by helping to create and sustain hundreds of thousands of jobs in exporting businesses and their supply chains across the United States. In recent years, 90 percent of the total number of the agency’s authorizations has directly supported small businesses.

For more information about EXIM, please visit www.exim.gov.