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EXIM is continuing its efforts to grow exports from U.S. small businesses through its Exporter Forum events each year. The events familiarize U.S. companies and financial institutions with U.S. government financing and insurance products. Local economic development organizations; national industry groups; and a wide variety of business, financial, and governmental partners help bring these resources into communities across America. The forums are town hall discussions – often co-hosted by members of Congress, the Department of Commerce, SBA, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and local officials – which provide small companies with insights from existing EXIM Bank customers and information on U.S. government tools that can equip them to access foreign markets. The attendees can personally relate to the panel discussions and success stories of local companies. EXIM is approaching its sixth anniversary of its first Exporter Forum for Small Business, having hosted more than 95 forums since launching January, 2011.

Past Exporter Forums were held in the following cities.

Salt Lake City, UT - 5/2/2016
Dallas, TX - 5/23/2016
New Orleans, LA - 5/24/2016
Louisville, KY - 6/23/2016
Oakland, CA - 8/3/2016
Charlotte, NC - 8/23/2016
Houston, TX - 5/7/2015
Atlanta, GA - 4/8/2015
Laurel, MS - 3/11/2015
Mobile, AL – 3/12/2015
Tysons Corner, VA – 3/9/2015
Nashua, NH - 12/5/14
Los Angeles, CA - 11/7/14
New Orleans, LA - 10/29/14
Minneapolis, MN - 10/21/14
Eau Claire, WI - 8/19/14
Rockford, IL - 8/18/14
Salem OR - 8/13/14
Ontario, CA - 8/13/14
Chicago, IL - 6/11/14
Charleston, WV - 6/16/14
Upstate New York (Rochester,
Buffalo and Albany) - 4/11/14
Fargo, ND – 3/20/14
Riverside, CA – 3/18/14
Northbrook, IL – 3/17/14
Nashua, NH - 12/6/2013
Bothell, WA - 12/9/2013
Madison, WI - 8/28/13

Boise, ID - 8/20/13
San Jose, CA - 8/15/13
Honolulu, HI - 8/6/13
Schaumburg, IL - 8/5/13
Tacoma, WA - 7/15/13
New Gloucester, ME - 6/7/13
Phoenix, AZ - 5/31/13
Buffalo, NY – 5/23/13
Philadelphia, PA – 5/20/13
Long Island, NY – 5/13/13
Hawthorne, CA – 5/3/13
San Bernardino, CA – 5/2/13
Houston, TX - 4/25/13
Fort Lauderdale, FL - 4/20/13
Los Angeles, CA - 2/22/13
Detroit, MI – 1/28/13
Vienna, VA – 10/26/2012
Newark, NJ – 10/19/2012
Honolulu, Hawaii - 8/24/2012
Seattle, WA - 8/20/2012
Atlanta, GA - 8/15/2012
Minneapolis, MN - 7/31/2012
Weslaco, TX - 8/30/2011
Milwaukee, WI - 8/3/2011
Houston, TX - 8/2/2011
Youngstown, OH - 6/18/2012
Long Island, NY - 6/4/2012
Loudoun County, VA - 5/11/2012
Rochester, NY - 3/9/2012

Greensboro, NC - 2/24/2012
Little Rock, AR- 1/12/12
Tampa, FL - 1/9/12
New York, NY - 12/08/2011
Detroit (Novi), MI - 11/18/2011
Grand Rapids, MI - 11/17/2011
Phoenix, AZ - 11/04/2011
Chicago, IL - 10/28/2011
Beloit, WI - 10/19/2011
Cleveland, OH - 9/26/2011
New Haven, CT - 09/19/2011
Baltimore, MD - 9/12/2011
Fresno, CA - 8/1/2011
San Juan, PR - 7/7/2011
Providence, RI - 6/7/2011
Charlotte, NC - 6/3/2011
Wichita, KS - 6/2/2011
San Leandro, CA - 5/20/2011
Wilmington, DE - 5/13/2011
Miami, FL - 5/6/2011
West Long Branch, NJ - 4/21/2011
Long Island, NY - 4/11/2011
New Orleans, LA - 4/11/2011
Denver, CO - 3/14/2011
Los Angeles, CA - 3/2/2011
Lafayette, LA - 2/23/2011
Kansas City, MO - 2/25/2011
Minneapolis, MN - 2/17/2011
Philadelphia, PA - 2/9/2011
Portsmouth, NH - 1/31/2011

Special Initiatives

Woman-, Minority-, and Veteran-Owned Businesses:

An area of additional emphasis in EXIM's small business group is firms owned by women, minorities, and veterans. Disparities in capital access for these firms are well-documented. EXIM has a dedicated team that directs its outreach activity to these organizations that represent African-American, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, woman-owned and veteran-owned enterprises.

The Bank is stepping up its coverage of these groups and identifying more effective means of reaching them and helping address their financing challenges. To achieve lofty targets, EXIM is substantially increasing the resources devoted to these enterprises.

Renewable-Energy and Environmental:

EXIM offers enhanced financing for renewable energy and environmentally beneficial exports, including repayment terms up to 18 years for renewable-energy and water-treatment projects, capitalization of interest during construction, and support for local costs up to 30 percent of the U.S. scope of supply. Visit the Environmental Exports Progam page for more information.

Medical Technologies:

EXIM also supports enhanced buyer financing for medical technology and services, including payment terms up to 7 years, capitalization of interest during installation, and support for local costs up to 30 percent. Visit the Medical Technologies Program page for more information.

Sub-Saharan Africa:

EXIM provides U.S. exporters with the financing assistance to compete successfully for business in Africa. The Bank's products and initiatives help U.S. exporters in all regions of Africa, especially sub-Saharan Africa. Visit the Sub-Saharan Africa page for more information.

New Policies

Transaction Time:

Increased importance is being place on turning transactions around faster. In fact, this process was cut by about a third from FY'09 to FY'10.


This policy change expands criteria to enable more of a company's products and services to be included in an EXIM working capital or trade credit insurance transaction.

Other Government Resources

There is plenty of information and support to assist current exporters and new-to-export companies in building their international sales and succeeding in today's global marketplace.

Market Research:

Companies can access current and cumulative U.S. export and import data for over 18,000 export commodities and 24,000 import commodities with USA Trade Online! This service is offered by the Foreign Trade Division of the U.S. Census Bureau at http://www.usatradeonline.gov or call 800.549.0595 (option 4). Customized market research to answer particular international business questions can be found in the "Opportunities" section on http://www.export.gov.

Locate Buyers and Distributors:

The U.S. Commercial Service can help businesses find qualified international buyers, partners or agents without having to travel. Trained specialists can deliver detailed company information on international companies that have expressed an interest in a company's products and services. Visit the "Solutions" section on http://www.export.gov.

Financial Support:

In addition to EXIM, the Small Business Administration (SBA) also has three loan guarantee programs to help small businesses access the capital needed to provide goods and services to the global marketplace. Visit http://www.sba.gov/aboutsba/sbaprograms/internationaltrade/index.html.