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How long does it take to process an application with EXIM?

Approval times will vary according to the product, dollar amount and complexity of the transaction. EXIM has improved the turnaround time for short-term export credit insurance policies and Special Buyer Credit Limits through "Ex-Im OnLine", a web based application system which ensures quick processing and tracking. This system works for medium-term insurance and guarantees as well. Working capital guarantee transactions may be approved very quickly by using a lender which has Delegated Authority. These banks can approve transactions within their own credit committee without having to present them to EXIM for processing. These "DA" transactions are typically approved within 3 weeks.

Is EXIM financing support available only for large exporters?

No. We finance businesses of all sizes. EXIM has no minimum or maximum limits on the transaction amount. In fiscal 2010, 87% of all EXIM transactions were with small businesses.

Does EXIM finance imports?

No. Although the word "import" is included in our name, EXIM does not support imports. EXIM's mission is supporting U.S. jobs through exports.  Your local bank may be able to arrange financing support for your imports.

Do you offer financial assistance in every country?

EXIM is open for business in more than 140 countries. United States laws prohibit EXIM assistance in some markets. Check our Country Limitation Schedule for the current listing at //www.exim.gov/tools/country/country_limits.cfm

Does the exported product have to be USA made and shipped from the United States?

Products must be shipped from the United States as our mission is to support USA jobs. In general, we support sales of products with US content greater than 50% but we also support some that do not. For more details, see Ex-Im's General Bank Policies.

How does EXIM define US content? Other Export Credit Agencies do not have similar requirements and US exporters are at a disadvantage.

A critical part of EXIM's mission is to create and sustain jobs in the US. By requiring that items EXIM supports be made here in the US, we ensure that we are helping to create and sustain jobs here at home. Other Export Credit Agencies (ECA's) have less stringent requirements. Our US content requirements are liberal, and take into account that exporters want to further liberalize the US content requirement to be more competitive with other ECA's, while labor unions are concerned about exporting jobs. For short-term transactions (credit terms up to 180 days), products and services must contain at least 50.1% U.S. content, including labor but excluding mark-up. For medium-term transactions (generally sales of capital equipment with repayment terms between 1 and 5 years), the US content requirement is 85% for EXIM to support the entire transaction.

Does EXIM have any programs for Veterans, Women and Minority owned businesses?

EXIM has a business development team devoted to veterans, women and minority-owned businesses which markets exclusively to those sectors. They provide hands-on training to small, veteran, woman and minority owned companies that wish to export.

Do you offer special assistance to underserved businesses?

Yes. We have specific group aimed at supporting minority and woman-owned businesses. For more information, contact Ms. Judith Rivera at 202.565.3417.

Do you have special financing support available for environmental exports?

Yes. We provide enhanced support for environmental exports with both our insurance and loan guarantee products. For more information, see Mr. Craig O'Connor at 202.565.3556.

Are you located only in Washington, DC?

No. Although EXIM's headquarters is in Washington, D.C., there are regional offices located strategically throughout the U.S. See //www.exim.gov/contact/contactus.cfm to view the regional office listing and contact a sales representative in your area.

I would like to learn more about your agency. Where can I find additional information?

There are lots of ways to get more information. Call our toll-free number at 1-800-565-EXIM (3946) and press 2 at the prompt to connect with an export finance manager covering your region. In addition, EXIM participates in many conferences and seminars throughout the U.S. See the Events section of our home page