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An Introduction to Export Strategies, Tools, & Techniques

Tuesday, October 25, 2016 - 8:30am to 3:30pm
Jersey City, NJ
U.S Department of Commerce

Join us to hear from experts in international trade and business development to discuss a wide range of topics focusing on the basics of exporting and getting your company’s products/services into new markets abroad.

Seminar Topics:
• Export Procedures
• Export Regulations & Legal Issues
• Managing International Sales Orders
• International Logistics
• Building an Overseas Infrastructure
• Assessing Risk & Opportunity
• Managing Payment Risk
• Financing the Sale
• U.S. Government Export Programs & Services

This seminar is focused on helping U.S. companies begin or expand their export initiative. By participating, companies can gain the skills and innovation that are essential in increasing their international sales. This seminar is designed for new-to-export firms, new employees, or a refresher for experienced exporters. Save yourself time and money by learning from the experts!

Questions? Contact:
Tricia McLain
U.S Department of Commerce
973.645.4682 ext. 212