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ExporTech Seminar

Friday, August 5, 2016 - 8:45am to 5:00pm
Chandler, Arizona
Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) RevAZ Manufacturing Extension Partnership

What Is ExporTech?

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The workshop can accommodate up to 8 companies and anyone interested in participating can contact Aerek Stephens or Kevin O'Shea from the Arizona Commerce Authority to request an application.

ExporTech is a nationally recognized program proven to help small and mid-sized companies boost their sales revenues via exports. Coming to Chandler for the first time this fall, the program is delivered by the Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) RevAZ Manufacturing Extension Partnership program, along with national partners. The City of Chandler Economic Development Division is co-sponsoring this Fall 2016 program. Representatives from up to eight participating companies attend three full-day sessions where they are exposed to Arizona export experts from diverse subject matter sectors, undergo practical training on key export topics, and receive individualized export coaching. Between sessions, participants work with a program-assigned export coach to conduct market research and refine their international strategies. The end result for each company is a customized and expert-reviewed Export Growth Plan that helps the company to quickly move beyond planning and into pursuing concrete export initiatives aimed at closing actual, profitable export sales.

What Can ExporTech Do for Your Business?

In addition to developing a plan to accelerate profitable exports, ExporTech offers concrete benefits that go beyond most international business and exporting courses:

  • Speed to market is accelerated as a robust plan is developed in three months
  • Quantifiable cost savings are realized as participants efficiently connect with reputable resources, receiving consultations that would normally cost thousands of dollars to obtain on their own
  • Higher success rates are made possible with a vetted international growth plan and the right resources behind your company
  • Understanding international strategies is improved as participants gain a first-hand knowledge of international strategies and success factors based on real-world company research
  • Export growth with participating companies generating an average of $770,000 in new export sales