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Best Practices for Managing Import and Export Risk

Friday, March 10, 2017 - 10:00am to 12:00pm
Baltimore, MD
Global Chamber® Baltimore/Washington

Join Global Chamber® Baltimore/Washington for an international business session on Foreign Exchange Outlook 2017 Best Practices in Managing Import and Export Risk.

Post Brexit and the US election, as the Trump administration takes shape, global currency markets have been extremely volatile. This volatility creates great opportunity, but also significant cost risk when managing international payables, international receivables and repatriation of international funds.

For importers the strength of the US dollar brings opportunity for US companies to buy foreign currency at historically low levels. This is great - but how can you buy, at the best exchange rate, when currency rates can swing several percentage points within a short period of time?

For exporters the strong dollar means pushback from your global customers making payments in US dollar. You risk being less competitive and are now more vulnerable to losing those customers to European exporters willing to be paid in your customers’ currency. What options do you have to remain competitive and to keep your global customers happy while also protecting your companies’ profit margins?

There is a solution!

Join us for this informative panel event to learn strategies that can easily complement your current international payment process, protect your bottom line, and help you retain global customers.