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The Bank has incorporated the principles of the Digital Government Strategy to conduct its business and communicate with the public.

What is the Digital Government Strategy?

  • Work to enable the public to access high-quality digital information and services of the EXIM Bank anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Ensure that as the Bank continues to adjust to the new digital world, we procure and manage devices, applications, and data in smart, secure and affordable ways.
  • Unlock the power of digital data to spur innovation across our Nation and improve the quality of services for the American people.

What is the EXIM Bank Doing?

Examples of the EXIM Bank implementation of the Digital Government Strategy are showcased throughout its public web site.

  • Information about and applications for the EXIM products and services focused on helping U.S. exporter businesses, are available digitally on our public Web Site.
  • The EXIM Bank Online Newsroom is designed as a one-stop shop for journalists and editors seeking information germane to EXIM Bank, its leadership, and its operations. In the interest of accessibility, content from across the EXIM Bank website has been consolidated in the Newsroom and arranged according to the needs of newsgathering professionals. Please feel free to contact the communications office for additional requests.

What Should I Know?

All new federal digital projects must comply with the Digital Government Strategy.  All projects must be:


Instead of locking information in a PDF or spreadsheet, we should share this content as individual pieces of data in the way that is most useful for you. By doing this, we encourage others to take and reuse it. This allows for innovations beyond what a single agency is capable of.  

2.On a Shared Platform

Currently, federal agencies have separate IT contracts and systems in place. However, multiple agencies may be using the same development platform—under different contracts and with unlinked systems. By making use of IT systems within other agencies, the Bank can help the government work more efficiently, reduce costs, streamline Web development, and ensure consistency in how we create and deliver information.  The Bank is also in the process of modernizing and integrating its own application systems, such as the FMSNG and the Letter of Interest Application System.


The Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM Bank) is the official export credit agency of the United States. EXIM Bank's mission is to assist in financing the export of U.S. goods and services to international markets.  EXIM Bank enables U.S. companies — large and small — to turn export opportunities into real sales, that help to maintain and create U.S. jobs and contribute to a stronger national economy.  The customer products EXIM Bank provides: working capital guarantees (pre-export financing); export credit insurance; and loan guarantees and direct loans (buyer financing) are available to our customer digitally.

4.Secure and Private

As we open our data and information to the public, it is important that we do so in a way that is safe and secure. This is very important as we move onto mobile devices and platforms.  Developing centralized security, privacy, and data protection measures across our digital landscape will keep your information and ours safe.  We will ensure consistent, sustainable policies and procedures by implementing these standard guidelines across all EXIM Bank digital platforms.

How You Can Get Involved?

Implementing the Digital Government Strategy is not just the responsibility of one office or the IT department. The American public and government employees can also support this new approach to digital services.

What Everyone Can Do:

What Federal Employees and Contractors Can Do:

  • Learn about the Digital Government Strategy Milestones and Deliverables
  • Read how agencies are working together to improve digital services across the government
  • Reach out to your agency to learn how you can support the strategy
  • See how other agencies are implementing the Digital Government Strategy
  • Leave a comment on the Federal Web Managers List Serv and in the comments sections of this site.  By participating in discussion and collaboration, you are helping to improve our digital services.  This helps foster the innovations and advancements that will move these principles into practice.