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“We’re in a competition with China and other countries to win the 21st Century.”

– President Biden, 28 Apr 2021

Support for U.S. Exporters

"What support does your company need to compete internationally?"
"How do I know if my export or buyer qualifies as a Transformational Exports Area"
"How do I demonstrate I am facing foreign competition?"
"What kind of financing support does your company need to compete?"
"What are my next steps to receive EXIM support?"

Strategic Context

Map of world with export numbers on it.
US$ billions of ECA MLT financing in FY2019.

Exports generate economic value for workers and firms advancing U.S. comparative leadership in industries vital to America’s prosperity and security in the 21st century.


CTEP has two aims:

  • To directly neutralize export subsidies for competing goods and services financed by official export credit, tied aid, or blended financing provided by People's Republic of China (PRC) or by other covered countries.
  • To advance the comparative leadership of the United States with respect to China, or support United States innovation, employment, and technological standards, through direct exports in ten Transformational Export Areas.


Benefits of CTEP vs. Traditional EXIM Financing

China Competition
Transformational Export Areas
≥51% Content <51% Content
Benefits Available
Flexible Content Policy
Flexible Rates, Terms, & Conditions
Extended Tenor
Exception from Country Limitation Schedule
Extended drawdown (MLT only)
Reduced Fees
Provide Evidence of Chinese Competition
PRC competition is assumed
U.S. Flagged Shipped
Finance Eligible Foreign Content Incorporated within, and shipped from, the U.S.
Chinese Content Presumed ineligible for EXIM Financing
Provide Actionable Jobs Plan
Meet at least 1 of the 7 factors
China Competition
Transformational Export Areas
≥51% Content <51% Content
Program Summary
Flexible rates, terms, and conditions to U.S. exporters to compete against exports backed by PRC financing  Flexible rates, terms, conditions, and U.S. content threshold to support transformational exports that advance the U.S. comparative leadership vis-à-vis China, or support U.S. innovation, employment, and technological standards
Qualifying Exports of U.S. goods and services
(1) Artificial intelligence; (2) Biotechnology; (3) Biomedical Sciences; (4) Wireless Technology; (5) Quantum Computing; (6) Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, & Energy Storage; (7) Semiconductors & Semiconductor Manufacturing; (8) FINTECH, (9) Water Treatment & Sanitation; (10) High Performance Computer, and services related to the aforementioned areas.
Financing available
Proportional to U.S. content: max of 85% for MLT financing and 90%-95% for ST insurance. Up to 85% Significant; up to 85%
U.S. Content
No minimum, but available financing decreases proportionally to the amount of U.S. content ≥51%[1] < 51%1
Eligible Foreign Content
Up to 15% when incorporated within or shipped from the U.S. ≤49% >49%


What is a Transformational Export Area (TEA)?

How do I know if my export falls within a Transformational Export Area?

Does the value of your export largely consist of technology used to…

Or will your foreign buyer use your export to…

  • …perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence? Artificial intelligence
  • …mediate the electrical conductivity between a conductor and an insulator: Semiconductors
  • …biological processes for industrial and other purposes?: Biotechnology
  • …manufacture semiconductors: Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • …apply engineering and technology to solve biological or medical problems involving humans? Biomedical Sciences
  • …improve or automate the delivery and use of financial services: FINTECH
  • …transfer signals or data between two or more points without using an electrical conductor as a medium?  Wireless Technology
  • …improve the quality of water to make it appropriate for a specific end-use: Water Treatment
  • …employ the properties described by quantum mechanics to store data or solve computation:  Quantum Computing
  • …clean drinking water or adequately dispose of sewage and/or wastewater: Sanitation
  • …harness naturally replenishing sources or processes to produce energy? Renewable Energy
  • …process data or perform complex calculations at higher performance than a typical desktop computer: High Performance Computing
  • …complete an existing task with less energy by either reducing the amount of energy input required or reducing energy waste: Energy Efficiency
  • …capture energy produced at one time for use later: Energy Storage


Estimate CTEP Financing Benefits

Content Calculator to estimate CTEP Benefits

Transformational Export Areas
China Competition
U.S. Supply Contract
U.S. Content
Eligible Foreign Content
Eligible Foreign Content
Net Contract Price
Cash Payment
Amount of Net Contract Price financed
Amount of local cost in the Supply Contract:
Amount of local cost financed
Total EXIM Bank Financing support


How do I establish that I’m facing PRC competition?

Help us understand the competition you face with a short description of relevant information such as:

  • Does your export fall within a Transformational Export Area?
  • See above
  • Can you share insight from your prior experience?
  • For example, past examples in the foreign buyer’s market, this product category, or the experience of your industry?
  • Can you share detailed information related to a specific transaction you have in mind?
  • For example, evidence of export subsidies financed by official export credit, tied aid, or blended financing provided by the PRC; or
  • The rates, terms and/or conditions supporting your PRC-backed competitor’s good/service that makes your product less competitive.
  • Do you happen to know if your competitor is financed by any of the following organizations?
  • Can you share the name of the PRC-backed competitor?
  • Is there some way you’re facing competition we’re not aware of?

If you are interested in pursuing EXIM support, your first step will be to complete a letter of interest application. Find out more about letters of interest.

For additional assistance, please e-mail China.Program@exim.gov.