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Small Texas Manufacturer Locks in Latin America Buyers

Air Tractor Inc.
Export Destinations: 
Latin America
EXIM Bank Product: 
Buyer Financing with Medium-term Insurance
Export Sales: 
$40 million over 15 years
Jobs Supported: 


Air Tractor Inc., a 200-employee manufacturer of agricultural and forest fire-bombing airplanes, has used EXIM Bank's medium-term insurance for 15 years to export an estimated $40 million of its aircraft, primarily to small private-sector buyers in Argentina and Brazil. The company uses the Bank's medium-term policies to provide supplier credits, which are loans to international buyers that the company originates and then sells to a commercial lender. About 25 planes are expected to be financed annually. In 2009, Air Tractor also obtained an EXIM Bank-guaranteed working capital loan.

This company has been able to enter new markets with exports now accounting for approximately 39 percent of the company's total sales. EXIM Bank-supported exports have helped the company smooth out the effects of fluctuations in demand.

"EXIM Bank's financing helped us establish long-term relationships with customers in Latin America and greatly expand our sales."
David Icker, Vice President of Finance