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Small Business Gives International Buyers a Taste of Alaska

Alaska Water Brands
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Alaska Water Brands

Anchorage-based Alaska Brands Group (ABG) was established as a 10-year organization to create and market food and beverage products that are uniquely Alaskan.  The company was created by long time Alaskan businessman Gregory Galik. Under his leadership, ABG has assembled a team of experts dedicated to developing and marketing unique Alaskan food and beverage products. Their efforts have helped a number of Alaska-based companies successfully enter both domestic and international markets.

Under the leadership of company CEO, Lynn Allingham, Alaska Brands put this experience to work for itself by investing in a product line showing tremendous growth worldwide – premium bottled water.  Created in 2008, the brand, Clearly Alaskan, is not another processed tap water product. It comes from a glacial lake in Alaska’s pristine Chugach National Forest. The purity and uniqueness of this 10,000 year old glacier water is undeniable. It’s remarkable balance of mineral content, natural ionization and high alkalinity make it a beneficial aid to good health. The Group’s crowning achievement has been the Clearly Alaskan brand of bottled water.  Clearly Alaskan sources its pristine water from glaciers in the Chugach National Forest.  The purity and uniqueness of this 10,000 year old glacier water has been particularly coveted in the lucrative Asian markets of Japan, South Korea, and China.     


As a small business, Alaska Brands was wary of its financial exposure to risks posed by foreign buyers.  Most small businesses cannot afford to risk shipping their products without advanced payment.


EXIM’s export credit insurance protects against the risk of nonpayment up to 95% of the sales invoice. For EXIM, no deal is too large or too small.  


In 2013, EXIM insured over $24,526 worth of Alaska brands water, providing the company with a foothold to expand its operations in the world’s most populous continent.