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Pennsylvania Company’s Products Rescue Chilean Miners in 2010 Collapse

Center Rock, Inc.
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Center Rock

Founded in 1998 by Brandon Fisher, Center Rock Inc. makes and distributes a complete line of air-drilling tools, services, and accessories.  After years working in the industry, Fisher knew the drilling industry lacked a product provider that could react to customer on-site needs.  He built Center Rock as a servicing manufacturer that could rapidly respond to on-site challenges.




On August 5, 2010, thirty-three Chileans faced a miner’s worst nightmare:  their shaft collapsed, trapping them half a mile underground.  Seventeen days after the collapse, the world received word that all thirty-three men were still alive, but estimates suggested that it would take over four months to rescue them.  Upon hearing about the collapse at the San Jose mine, Brandon Fisher, launched a campaign to persuade the Chilean government that Center Rock’s drilling technology could help rescue the miners much faster than the four-month estimation. 


Center Rock became one of three simultaneous efforts to drill a shaft large enough to extract the men from the mine.  On October 9th, Center Rock’s 26-inch Low Profile Drill was the first to reach the miners.  Center Rock competes globally by offering their customers competitive open account credit terms while protecting their receivables on international sales with export credit insurance from EXIM.


Because of Center Rock’s innovative mining technology and experience exporting quickly with EXIM products, all thirty-three of the Chilean miners were rescued seventy-three days ahead of schedule.  Center Rock not only helped “The 33,” they are helping to improve the safety and efficiency of drilling operations by exporting a complete line of air powered hard rock drilling tools to companies in the mining, construction, and oil and gas markets around the world.  EXIM is proud to support companies like Center Rock, whose team had faith in their technology and whose products are keeping people safe around the globe.