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New York Company Uses EXIM to Cover its Sales to Mexico

Dataprint Technologies, Inc.
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Export Credit Insurance
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Dataprint Technology of Woodside, New York, has been a manufacturer of quality imaging products for over twenty years. Its goal is to sell a quality product at an affordable price to meet or exceed OEM specifications. The ten-employee company was founded in 1996 and started exporting in 2000.


Like most companies, getting paid is essential for survival. It is easier to pursue delinquent accounts in the United States but obstacles exist when selling internationally. Dataprint sought to protect against foreign buyer nonpayment.


EXIM’s Export Credit Insurance protects against nonpayment for the company’s sales to Mexico. The policy covers up to 95% of the sales invoice from commercial or political risks. 


From 2013 through 2018, EXIM has supported $794,000 of Dataprint’s export sales.

“The credit insurance protection policy enabled us to sell to customers otherwise out of our reach. The success we had with these customers encouraged us to continue to pursue other export customers.”
Issac Tal, Vice President