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Maryland Company is Rehabilitating the World's Workforce with EXIM Support

BTE Technologies, LLC
EXIM Bank Product: 
Export Credit Insurance
Export Sales: 
32 Countries


BTE Technologies, headquartered in Hanover, Maryland, celebrated its 40th year of manufacturing and innovating rehabilitation equipment and workforce solutions in 2019. Four decades ago, they introduced the world’s first work simulator and to this day consider themselves to be a pioneer in functional physical medicine rehabilitation. BTE works towards improving safety of the workplace, workforce wellness, major cost reduction in operations for their clients, as well as innovative physical medicine rehabilitation technologies.


As a small business, there are many barriers BTE has to navigate in order to enter new international markets. Often, similar small businesses have to compete against larger competitors, making it difficult for them to win important international sales. A large roadblock for companies like BTE Technologies is it strives to sell internationally but is often hesitant due to the risk of buyer nonpayment.

BTE needed an affordable way to reduce this risk and insure their accounts receivable in order to grow their exports without adversely affecting their cash flow.


EXIM’s export credit insurance is an insurance policy that covers BTE’s foreign accounts receivable against potential commercial risks (such as insolvency of the buyer, bankruptcy of the buyer, or slow payment) and potential political risks (such as war, terrorism, riots, or revolutions). The insurance assures U.S. companies that their bottom line will be protected if their foreign customers fail to pay.

With EXIM’s insurance policy, BTE can feels secure that its invoices are covered up to 95 percent. EXIM’s insurance often opens the barriers to enter new international markets that they otherwise would not be able to reach.


After receiving EXIM’s support, BTE’s export-related sales have increased by about 43 percent. EXIM’s insurance policy has also opened the door to new markets for the company, increasing the number of markets from 10 to 32.

“Without question, EXIM's export credit insurance has been an integral part of our growth as a company.”
Waldo Vazquez, Vice President of International, Products Group