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Iowa Company Does Not Worry About Nonpayment Thanks to EXIM

Paper Systems
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Export Credit Insurance

Paper Systems

Paper Systems, Inc., a small business in Des Moines, Iowa, has patented new way of shipping large quantities of liquid products. Instead of relying on steel or plastic drums that are costly to ship and return, Paper Systems invented disposable totes, returnable totes, and replacement liners—solutions for long term industrial packing for a fraction of the price. The company’s products have provided customers with the ability to ship a wide range of goods including egg whites,  salad dressings, industrial lubricants, and live fish.

Since July 2000, Paper Systems has relied on EXIM’s export credit insurance to, as international Sales Director Kevin Stuart put it, “sleep well at night.” That’s because the insurance covers the risk of buyer nonpayment, giving the company the assurance it needs to ship its products worldwide. Exports now represent 15 percent of total sales and, like many American small businesses, the company is looking beyond U.S. borders to continue to expand into new markets and create more U.S. jobs.