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An Innovative Wisconsin Company Creates Jobs While Purifying Air Around the World

Prolitec Inc.
Export Destinations: 
Japan, Netherlands, and Saudi Arabia
EXIM Bank Product: 
Working Capital Lender Loan Guarantee
Jobs Created: 
Jobs Supported: 









Prolitec, Inc. is a small Milwaukeee business that has thrived since 2004, producing air purification equipment and systems to create scented environments in a variety of industries. The company was purchased from a French company, after which they expanded and advanced their technologies. This has allowed Prolitec to serve over 35,000 locations in more than 90 countries. About half of its total sales are export related.

The company learned about EXIM at a seminar three years prior to Silicon Bank being approved for a Working Capital Lender Loan Guarantee. This guarantee provided funds to Prolited to fulfill its growing export sales orders while covering the line of credit with the lender with a 90% guarantee against nonpayment. With EXM supporting $30 million of Prolitec's international sales over a three year period, the ccompany created 15 new positions.

"EXIM was a tremendous resource in maintaining our growth and expansion during these rough economic times."
Jesus Torres, Vice President of Finance