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Illinois Nutrition Firm Wins New Foreign Buyers

NOW Health Group, Inc.
Export Destinations: 
Netherlands, Poland, UAE and Worldwide
EXIM Bank Product: 
Export Credit Insurance
Jobs Supported: 


NOW Health Group, Inc. is a natural food and supplement manufacturer. The company's name, “NOW,” stands for “Nutrition for Optimal Wellness.” Established in 1968, the company currently employs 640 employees in its Bloomingdale, Illinois, office – 35 of which are supported by EXIM's export credit insurance.

The company exports worldwide with primary markets in the Netherlands, Poland, and UAE.From 2014 to 2918, the Bank has supported $49 million of the NOW Health Group's international sales. In addition to expanding into existing markets, NOW is pursuing new foreign buyers in Italy and China. The ability to offer payment terms while minimizing risk exposure continues to be instrumental growing its sales.

"The flexibility in the payment terms we can offer through our EXIM policy has allowed us to grow our business in existing markets as well as open new ones. Our credit department has become more flexible in dealing with payments, due to our EXIM policy insuring our receivables. The terms we are able to offer are much easier to work with than Letters of Credit and do not impact the cash flow of our customers the way that demanding payment in advance would, allowing them to purchase more of our products."
Jim Emme, Chief Operating Officer