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Idaho Family Business and EXIM Send Crops Worldwide

George F. Brocke & Sons, Inc.
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Export Credit Insurance


George F. Brocke & Sons, Inc. is a fourth–generation family business that’s a leader in the processing of a wide array of peas, lentils, chickpeas, and other forage and cover crop. Founded in 1950 by George Brocke, Sr., and operated today by Bert Brocke, the company has expanded to four processing facilities, which allows them to export their agricultural commodities across the United States and to 38 different countries around the world. A small, family-run company, George F. Brocke & Sons supports 42 employees and helps feed thousands globally. 

Since 70 percent of their revenue is derived from exporting, it was crucial for them to have a strong partner to help them navigate challenging global markets: enter EXIM, and EXIM’s short-term export credit insurance. Through working with EXIM and their broker Meridian Finance Group, George F. Brocke & Sons has sent over $70.5 million in EXIM-insured exports since 2013, with over $18.7 million of those exports leaving American ports and depots since 2017 alone. EXIM and the George F. Brocke & Sons’ team: strong partners who are both focused on providing quality products and unrivaled customer service.

“As the majority of our sales come from exporting to complicated markets, EXIM insurance has been a key component of growing our business. It allows us to mitigate risk while also providing us the opportunity to lend against our now-insured receivables, improving our cash flow.”
Bert Brocke, President