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EXIM Protects a Tennessee Company Through a Monsoon

JDC Coatings, Inc.
Export Destinations: 
Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia
EXIM Bank Product: 
Export Credit Insurance


JDC Coatings (JDC) designs and supplies innovative adhesives for specialty labels in the automotive, computer, medical and industrial markets. EXIM's export credit insurance supported JDC at the right time for a Mother Nature disaster.

In 2011, monsoon floods knocked out the small manufacturers in Thailand who continuously buy JDC products. Thus, many customers suddenly deferred or redirected shipments, delayed payment, or simply could not pay. Fortunately, JDC had a $2 million export credit insurance policy through the Bank to minimize their losses.

The company has developed a growing customer base in Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. It also maintains 15 special buyer credit limits, the largest of which covers a $500,000 open credit line. With export credit insurance, JDC is able to ship on open accounts without worrying about nonpayment. The Ban supported $11 million of JDC's export sales in 2015.