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EXIM Insurance Sustains Two Jobs for California Company

Pacific Ozone Technology
Export Destinations: 
Peru, China, and Mexico
EXIM Bank Product: 
Export Credit Insurance
Export Sales ($): 
Jobs Supported: 

gas cylinders

Exporting patented technology is a desirable business strategy in the competitive global market.  Just ask Pacific Ozone Technology, Inc.

This California company creates “customers for life” through the manufacture and sale of ozone generators and ozone test kits. Their O3-CIP technology can improve the efficacy and efficiency of companies’ plant sanitization systems. It can reduce overhead costs by minimizing the time for cleaning cycles; lowering energy use without the need for hot water; and reducing water use through recycling and fewer rinses.

The company often relied on pre-payment from their foreign customers for purchases. This limited quantity sold to existing customers and reduced its ability to enter new markets. Buyers wanted “open account” credit terms and Pacific Ozone was wary of the risk of going beyond net 30 day payment terms. EXIM minimized the risk of nonpayment and provided the company with the confidence to extend longer credit terms.

Today the company exports to approximately 15 countries and exports contribute to about 45% of the company’s total sales. EXIM’s support also sustain two U.S. export-related jobs. 

“EXIM’s products solidify the export presence of U.S. small businesses The Bank helps to support timely payment. Optimal cash flow is the lifeblood of businesses and leveraging EXIM Bank’s products allowed Pacific Ozone Technology, Inc. to experience a great sense of security when extending credit to foreign buyers.”
Dawn Slattery, Accounting and HR Specialist