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EXIM Helps Idaho Company Sell to Oz

High Country Fusion Company, LLC
Export Destinations: 
Australia and the Middle East
EXIM Bank Product: 
Export Credit Insurance

High Country Fusion

Established 22 years ago, High Country Fusion Company (HCFC) of Idaho, leads the piping industry by manufacturing high density polyethylene pipes. With custom fittings and structures, HCFC can support a wide range of industries, such as oil & gas, sanitary sewer, mining, landfill, irrigation, fish farming, to name a few.



Export Challenge 

Indonesia was its very first exporting destination, where they realized international sales for nearly two years.  However, operating a commodity-type of business generates low margins creating a low threshold for risk-taking, so HCFC needed to prepare for riskier foreign buyers and markets.

EXIM Solution

High Country looked to EXIM for exporting assistance buying export credit insurance to protect against foreign buyer nonpayment and export with a “let’s do it” mindset.


HCFC fostered its growth and exploration of new international horizons.  U.S. Exporters such as High Country Fusion Company, Inc. are successfully guided through the mire of mitigating financial risk in supporting export sales when leveraging the EXIM Bank’s financial products. EXIM has supported $4.3 million of HCFC's export sales during the 2013 to 2017 period.



"EXIM Bank gives us the methodology to use financing for overseas receivables. Furthermore, international lenders felt very good about working overseas because of EXIM approving foreign buyers."
Steve Wilson, CEO