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EXIM Gives Kansas Company the Confidencce to Expand its Sales

AirFixture LLC
Export Destinations: 
29 Countries
EXIM Bank Product: 
Export Credit Insurance
Export Sales: 
Half of Total Sales

AirFixture, LLC

Headquartered in Kansas City, Kansas, AirFixture, LLC has been a leader in the underfloor heating and air conditioning industry since its founding in 2001. The company prides itself on providing more energy efficient solutions than the traditional underfloor air distribution systems. While AirFixture has been in business for almost 20 years and the U.S. is its primary market, the company has been exporting its equipment the past 15 years to Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, India, South Korea, China, Australia, and many others.


With only five salespeople selling domestically and covering 29 international markets, AirFixture is a small business that has been able to successfully compete with large companies globally with a fraction of the overhead. However, AirFixture had no assurance its bottom line would be protected should any of its foreign customers fail to pay.


EXIM’s Export Credit Insurance provides nonpayment protection the U.S. companies need. The insurance covers U.S. companies’ foreign accounts receivable against commercial risks (such as bankruptcy or insolvency of the buyer) and political risks (such as war, riots, or terrorism). With EXIM’s support, AirFixture has peace of mind knowing that should a foreign buyer fail to pay, the company  will be reimbursed up to 95 percent of its sales invoice.


EXIM’s insurance policy gives AirFixture the confidence to expand its international sales. The company’s export sales now comprise near half of its annual revenue. With this policy in place, the company has the security to know they can enter new markets and increase sales in existing ones without adversely impacting its bottom line and adding risk.

“As a small business, you just cannot take the risk of a foreign customer not paying. It is difficult to collect a debt in a foreign market. To do so is risky and costly.”
Bill Scott, Vice President of Finance