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EXIM Assists Company Move its Operations to the U.S. from China

ServerLIFT Corporation
Export Destinations: 
Canada, Mexico, Australia, Singapore and Ireland
EXIM Bank Product: 
Express Insurance
Export Sales: 

ServerLIFT Corporation

ServerLIFT Corporation is a high-tech company that specializes in the manufacturing of lifts for lifting and handling data center servers. It was founded in 2002 in response to a growing demand for a safe and efficient way for staff to handle servers and other IT equipment in the data center.

This company originally manufactured its products in China and has sinced moved operations to the United States in several stages over the past few years. In the last year, this effort, combined with growth in domestic and international sales, helped ServerLIFT double the number of its U.S. employees. It obtained a $250,000 Express Insurance policy from EXIM in June, 2011, with approved foreign buyers in Ireland and Turkey. Exports more than doubled between 2015-2017 allowing the policy coverage to expand to $750,000. 

Express Insurance was developed specifically for qualified small businesses. It features a streamlined application, along with a policy quotation and up to five foreign-buyer credit indications for amount to $300,000 typically within ten business days.  This particular insurance policy allows companies to develop its exports over a course of three years. After three years as an Express policyholder, the company can graduate to another policy type which can often offer more flexibility. 

ServerLIFT was able to seek new business by extending terms to international buyers.  As a result of having an insurance policy with EXIM Bank, the company was able to expand its list of potential distributors and, therefore, increase sales.  After spending several years with EXIM, they were successful in obtaining coverage in the private sector.     


"The Bank's support gives us the support that we need to pursue foreign buyers. Extending credit makes us more attractive to our customers and allows us to sell to larger companies."
Ray Zuckerman, CEO