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Denver Company Expands Sales to Asia with EXIM Support

Qualmark Corporation
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EXIM Bank Product: 
Working Capital Lender Loan Guarantee
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Denver's Qualmark Corporation manufactures accelerated testing systems to find defects in electronics and electro-mechanical equipment.

Due to long payment cycles associated with many international sales, EXIM's working capital guarantee provided funding that was crucial to Qualmark sales growth. Otherwise, the company would have had to require time-consuming and expensive letters of credit or request advance deposits from its foreign buyers. Both payment requirements would have likely lost sales to competitors that are better able to finance international sales. EXIM supported $7 million of Qualmark's exports in 2014 and 2015.

"The lender loan guarantees provided by EXIM have allowed us to more aggressively grow our exports since 2008."
Andy Drenick, President and CEO