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Delaware Bridges Go to Africa with EXIM

Acrow Bridge
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Medium-Term Lender Loan Guarantee

Acrow Bridge

Acrow Bridge is a small, family-owned business that manufactures prefabricated modular steel bridging solutions for permanent, temporary and emergency use—a core product for developing countries that want to build a reliable infrastructure.  A full-service design and engineering firm, Acrow has supplied tens of thousands of bridges to urban and rural locations all over the world to help customers build strong and sustainable transportation infrastructure. 

EXIM is guaranteeing a $73 million commercial loan that will empower Acrow to sell 144 bridges to Zambia, where those bridges will help lay the foundation for durable economic growth. This project will support 200 good-paying jobs at Acrow’s manufacturing facilities in and around Delaware—but it was only possible because they had access to financing that let hem compete and win against their Chinese and European rivals.

Thanks to EXIM financing on a number of their sales in sub-Saharan Africa, Acrow has grown their workforce four-fold—and they’ve helped America gain a foothold in the world’s fastest-growing region by offering trustworthy products.

“These EXIM Bank-supported [African] projects transform Acrow Bridge's international presence by offering clients financing alternatives that assist emerging markets in accessing immediate and profound upgrades to their bridging infrastructure, particularly in rural areas where agricultural development depends so heavily on quality road and bridge networks.”
Bill Killeen, President and CEO