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Combustion Company Expands International Reach with EXIM Support

Zeeco Inc.
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Export Credit Insuance

Finishing touches made on a part for a burner.

Zeeco, Inc., located near Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a global leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of next-generation combustion equipment and advanced environmental systems.  ZEECO® brand equipment plays mission-critical roles in the refining, production, power, LNG, biogas, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, and numerous other industries around the world. 

Competing in a global marketplace for combustion equipment is challenging with many international competitors utilizing support from their domestic export credit agencies and similar products that facilitate trade. Thus, EXIM leveled the playing field as its export credit insurance allowed Zeeco to offer competitive credit terms and conditions for the sale and shipment of equipment. With EXIM Bank's support since 2008, Zeeco has been able to enter new markets, increase its international sales, add new customers to its portfolio and grow at a rapid pace, dramatically increasing its U.S. employment as a result.

Of note, Zeeco was founded in 1979 as a small fabrication facility, but has continued a steady growth pattern and now has 1,300 employees. It conducts significant research and development of new products to meet the growing demand for low emission and environmentally conscious combustion equipment. The principal owner of Zeeco continues a family legacy of philanthropy.  Among these efforts is the establishment of an expansive nature preserve and major camp site for the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma.     

“EXIM has been a great partner in Zeeco’s international expansion strategy. The management team and staff have done well to provide a product that is competitive with other export agencies around the globe along with efficient, quiet support of our financial team and private sector banking partners.”
John McDermott, CFO