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Colorado Printing Company's CFO Can Sleep Better Knowing EXIM Reduces Nonpayment Risk

Fiberlok, Inc.
Export Destinations: 
Germany, Mexico and U.K.
EXIM Bank Product: 
Small Business Export Credit Insurance

Fiberlok, Inc.

Fiberlok is a specialty printing company that provides heat transfer graphic products such as computer mouse pads and drink coaster rugs. The company serves various markets, including textile and apparel, promotional ad-specialty, industrial and retail products. It is family-owned with 70 employees; and about 40 percent of its business is international. Fiberlok sells its products worldwide but their primary markets are Germany, Mexico and the U.K.



The company was wary of growing its international portfolio due to the risk of buyer nonpayment adversely affecting its cash flow.


In 2008, the company discovered the Bank through a direct mail campaign targeting small businesses and has been using the small business multi-buyer credit insurance since.


The company’s sales have been growing 15 to 20 percent annually with EXIM’s Export Credit Insurance. EXIM has supported nearly $4 million of Fiberlok's exports since 2014.

"We can sleep at night because the insurance mitigates risk and enables us to offer credit to foreign buyers."
Alan Ziglin, CFO