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California Firm Expands Without Worrying About Nonpayment

EntroGen Inc.
Export Destinations: 
Worldwide especially Italy, Turkey, and Sweden
EXIM Bank Product: 
Export Credit Multi-Buyer Insurance
Export Sales ($): 
More than 50 percent of total sales

medical supply

EntroGen is a small biotechnology company with a focus on molecular diagnostic tests specifically in the areas relating to cancer and other blood related diseases.  While it’s products are needed in countries across the globe, shipping posed a risk since the goods that are shipped are perishable. 

EXIM was able to step in and provide multi-buyer insurance allowing them to ship their perishable goods overseas with the assurance they will still get paid. For example, there was a risk of nonpayment with the unstable economy in Turkey but through EXIM’s insurance EntroGen was still able to do business there.

As a result, EntroGen now exports to 39 countries across the globe and more than 50% of their sales are export-related. Entrogen has increased sales and added jobs here in the United States ever since they began doing business with EXIM.